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Steven Altman, President and CEO, represents the 4th generation to own  Youngstown Cleaning Company.  Youngstown Cleaning Co. was founded by Steven's great-grandfather, Max Webber, in 1904.  Past owners include Milton Altman, Charles "Buddy" Altman, and Alan Altman.  Youngstown Cleaning Co. is the oldest janitorial service company in North America. 

Youngstown Cleaning Co. provides commercial janitorial services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor care services to the greater Youngstown, Ohio area.

We hope we can add your offices to our prestigious list of properties to which we provide services.  Please contact us for a free quote today!


     Published Article In Contracting Profits, June/July 2010
                                     "Your Two Cents"
How Does A Family Business Survive?
By CP Editorial Staff

Steven M. Altman

You cannot run your business like like a family business! All employees have to be treated as equals and you have to promote and hire only the best. Twenty years ago nepotism may have worked but many people pay for bad decisions in the workplace.

For me growing up in a family business, I thought I always had to be the hardest worker and put the most time in at work. I felt it was my name on the front door and this was taught to me from my grandfather and father. Today, I am the owner of a five-generation janitorial company that is 105 years old. My son is working for our company now, when he is not in college at Ohio State University. I strongly feel that one must work hard to earn the respect of your fellow coworkers. I can assure you that my children will have this same belief.
                                                 Steven M. Altman, President
                                                     Youngstown Cleaning Co.
                                                                       Girard, Ohio
                                               All-Pro Cleaning Services, Inc.
                                                                        Solon, Ohio